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Activists with fractures are hospitalized after brutal attack

Ladies in White violently repressed after Mass

Activists with fractures are hospitalized after brutal attack
News on the Net Monday, August 8, 2011

Santiago de Cuba / Palmarito de Cauto / August 7, 2011

Ladies in White (a peaceful group of Cuban women who are family members
and supporters of Cuban political prisoners) and human rights activists
holding meetings in their homes, suffered such violent attacks by the
political police that many of them had to be hospitalized this Sunday,
August 7, 2011, in the cities of Santiago de Cuba and Palmarito de
Cauto, in the Eastern province of Cuba.

After attending Sunday mass in the Cathedral of Santiago de Cuba,
government led mobs with blunt objects and members of the Ministry of
the Interior were waiting outside for the twenty Ladies in White as they
were on their way to march through the streets of Santiago de Cuba with
their flowers to demand the release of all Cuban political prisoners.
Access to the Cathedral was interrupted by police squads led by
Lieutenant Colonel "Elliott" as loud music and governmental propaganda
was heard through loudspeakers. The twenty women were followed by the
mob, were insulted, threatened, and pushed into buses that took them to
an unknown location.

The home of the ex-political prisoner, Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia, where
activists were gathered as well as three minors, was also attacked by a
government led mob that threw stones to the house. The home of activist,
Maximiliano Sanchez was also attacked in the same manner.

As a result of the violent acts of repression carried out in the cities
of Santiago de Cuba and Palmarito de Cauto by the Cuban Ministry of the
Interior, six human rights activists were hospitalized with fractures,
contusions, and wounds that had to be sutured. By orders of the
political police, doctors refused to provide these wounded activists
with a medical certificate which they need in order to accuse Cuban
authorities of the violence perpetrated against them.

Among those critically hurt: Julio Cesar Salazar Salinas, Osmelis Cruz
Dacal, Annis Sarrion Romero, Magalys Fernandez Eulices, Prudencio
Villalon Rades, Jose Angel Garrido Morris, Osmelis Cruz Dacal, Juan
Carlos Vazquez Osoria, and a neighbor who tried to defend the activists:
Rubilandys Torres Perez.

Also attacked and hurt in Palmarito de Cauto: Angel Verdecia Diaz, Andry
Verdecia Osorio, Amado Verdecia Vive, Ramon Bolaños Martin, and the wife
and daughter of activist Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia, Belkis Cantillo and
Fatima Victoria ( 6 years of age ).

The Coalition of Cuban-American Women denounces and makes an urgent
appeal before international public opinion concerning the escalation of
brutal and aggressive acts by the Cuban government against a Cuban civil
society that is peacefully demanding fundamental rights in the island.
The lives of these Cubans are in danger and we hold Cuban authorities
responsible for their physical and mental well being. Coalition of
Cuban-American Women- Translation to English/ Joseito76@aol.com / Tel: +

Information provided by JOSE DANIEL FERRER GARCIA in Cuba – Telephones
(Spanish): ( + 53 631267 ) or ( + 53 790867 )


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