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And Now Against Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia / Jorge Luis García Pérez Antunez

And Now Against Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia / Jorge Luis García Pérez Antunez
Antunez, Translator: Unstated

Believe me that I have neither read, nor do I care to read the article
written by the notorious spy and mercenary in the service of the
Castros, the Guatemalan Percy Alvarado who, in the most ruthless and
most of all cowardly way, attacks the former political prisoner Jose
Daniel Ferrer Garcia, one of the most emblematic and important leaders
of the Cuban resistance.

And I emphasize what a coward he is, because there is nothing brave in a
man attacking a man or people, without giving them the opportunity to
defend or explain their views. And back to that famous phrase: "I do not
care they speak ill of me, the question is who and why."

This Percy Alvarado has been against the Eastern Democratic Alliance and
against the Central Opposition Coalition. Now I understand, rather, I am
more convinced than ever, of the terror tyranny has for the valuable
work of consensus and coordination of regional coalitions. Now I realize
that it is not only Mr. Alvarado, but there in the East and not far away
is José Daniel there in one more individual in the service of the
regime, which is determined not only to destroy the Eastern Democratic
Alliance and the Patriotic Union of Cuba, but also to confront them
through public battles between these two main elements of the struggle
in that eastern region and I mean these two unparalleled Titans: Rolando
Rodriguez Lobaina and Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia, whose unity and
consensus is what the regime fears.

Fortunately, more than a few of us are aware of that dirty strategy,
which we know is cooked up in the laboratories of the political police
of Villa Marista and its counterpart department in Santiago de Cuba. But
both Mr. Percy Alvarado and his partner in Santiago de Cuba have had
their answer. The cacerolazo — the banging on pots and pans protest —
this January 24, 2012 and the perseverance and commitment to the victims
of these attacks, for which the fight is already more than enough.

These maneuvers of entertainment, seeking to deviate from what we do and
our way, are as we say in street slang, por gustavo (a street way of
saying that something is done in vain), for pleasure. And the more they
attack us the stronger we grow, the more people like and know about us.
They are wasting time.

Ever onward Brother Joseph Daniel, your moral and patriotic stature
grows by the day. And those attacks by Percy Alvarado and his followers
make your brothers admire and like you more.

January 27 2012


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