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Humanitarian proposal from the Human Rights Commission

Humanitarian proposal from the Human Rights Commission / 14ymedio
Posted on January 24, 2015

14ymedio, 23 January 2015 — The Cuban Commission for Human Rights and
National Reconciliation (CCDHRN) convened a press conference at its
headquarters to unveil an initiative to release, on humanitarian
grounds, a total of 24 prisoners who have spent more than 12 years in
Cuban prisons.

Presenting were Elizardo Sanchez, Jose Daniel Ferrer, leader of the
Patriotic Union of Cuba and Hector Maseda, president of the Liberal
Party of Cuba, who also promoted the Four Points of Consensus of the
Cuban Civil Society, ratified and updated last December 22 in a meeting
of the Cuban Civil Society Open Forum.

One of the aspects most discussed today among the internal dissidence on
the Island, is the issue of who should be on the list of possible
prisoners to be released. Debated is whether there should appear, among
those who should receive this benefit, those accused of acts of
terrorism, hijacking of planes, or other armed actions.

The group proposed by the CCDHRN includes people incarcerated for
similar reasons, but it is argued that they are one the list for
humanitarian reasons, which does not justify the acts committed.

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