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Several activists arrested outside Vivac Prison on outskirts of Havana

Several activists arrested outside Vivac Prison on outskirts of Havana /
Posted on January 2, 2015

14ymedio, Havana, 1 January 2015 (Developing news) — Speaking to
14ymedio , blogger Agustín López Canino confirmed his arrest and that of
some fifteen activists at 3:52 PM outside Vivac Prison in Calabazar, on
the outskirts of Havana. On the list of those arrested is Tania
Bruguera, who had solicited an interview with the detention center
authorities to ask for explanations regarding those arrested on 30 December.

The activists Ada María López, Antonio González Rodiles, Margarita
Rodríguez Díaz, Adnaloy Rodríguez and Ailer González are also among
those arrested, according to what some family members told this
newspaper. Meanwhile, Eva Baquero, seized just outside Vivac Prison was
taken to the Cotorro Police Station and later released.

On Thursday morning, there were fifteen activists still being held of
the fifty arrested to prevent them from participating in the performance
of Tatlin’s Whisper #6, called by the artist Tania Bruguera to take
place in the Plaza of the Revolution. Some of the prisoners had been
transferred to the prison known as Vivac of Calabazar, a processing
center where inmates await trial or the setting of bail. Over the course
of the day at least three of them were released: Claudio Fuentes, Delio
Rodriguez Diaz and Miguel Daniel Borroto.

The blogger Agustín López Canino, while heading to Vivac, had said that
he would demand, “The release as soon as possible of people who had only
tried to exercise their right to expression.” The group also included
relatives of detainees who claimed not to have been able to spend the
New Year’s celebrations with their loved ones.

Tania Bruguera had declared this morning that, “We will be outside Vivac
until the last of those arrested is released.” At the exact moment this
newspaper was speaking with her, the photographer Claudio Fuentes was

This newspaper has been able to confirm that among those detained in
Vivac de Calabazar are the historian and filmmaker Boris Gonzalez, and
UNPACU (Patriotic Union of Cuba) member Omar Fayut. Also on the list of
those incarcerated are two activists from Independent and Democratic
Cuba (CID), and Camilo José Olivera from the Estado de Sats team. Also
in the same detention center, from days earlier, is the graffiti artist
El Sexto (Danilo Maldonado), also for attempting to stage a performance.

The Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation
(CCDHRN) reported a partial estimate of detainees, which amounted to
fifty arrested, along with those who suffered house arrest, forced
transfer to Santiago de Cuba, or threats to discourage them from
participating in the artistic performance.

Source: Several activists arrested outside Vivac Prison on outskirts of
Havana / 14ymedio | Translating Cuba –

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