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Cuban Dissidents Outline A Common Agenda

Cuban Dissidents Outline A Common Agenda / 14ymedio
Posted on August 1, 2015

14ymedio, Havana, 31 July 2015 – The meeting held Thursday in Havana by
some twenty civil society organizations and the political community has
been defined as a new step in a common agenda. The initiative aims to
work for democracy, fundamental freedoms, and a Rule of Law in Cuba,
according to the activist Manuel Cuesta Morúa.

The gathering is the continuation of a meeting with similar aims held in
Mexico between June 18 and 23 of this year, with the cooperation of the
Konrad Adenauer Foundation, which brought together various organizations
from the island and the diaspora.

At the meeting it was agreed to endorse Civil Society Open Forum four
points of consensus, which involved the majority of the organizations
that now decided to take this additional step in the direction of
creating a strictly political space for democratic action.

It was also agreed to create of secretariat to distribute information
and coordinate the coming meetings to which other organizations and
actors will be invited to continue outlining the structure, rules and
strategies of this new effort of plural political agreement.

The participants included, among others, representatives from the
Patriotic of Union of Cuba (UNPACU), the Anti-totalitarian United Front,
the Cuban Liberal Solidarity Party, the Progressive Arc, the
Socialdemocratic Party, the Opposition Movement for a New Republic, the
Center for the Support of the Transition, the Young Roundtable, the
Successors Foundation, and Cuba Decides.

Also present were attorneys from Cubalex and the the Agromontista
Current, independent journalists, artists and intellectuals, including
Tania Bruguera and the recently released Angel Santiesteban, Rafael
Vilches and Jorge Olivera.

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