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UNPACU Reports More Than A Hundred Activists Arrested

UNPACU Reports More Than A Hundred Activists Arrested / 14ymedio
Posted on August 16, 2015

14ymedio, Havana, 16 August 2015 — From the early hours of Sunday the
Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) denounced the arrest of more than 130
of its activists. Several sources within the organization told this
newspaper that the detainees were going to the Shrine of Our Lady of
Charity, in Santiago de Cuba, when they were intercepted.

Repression in the east of the country coincided with a major operation
in Havana, around Fifth Avenue, a place where traditionally the Ladies
in White march. The human rights activist movement reported an intense
act of repudiation at the end of its weekly pilgrimage, along with
arrests and police violence.

The march of the Ladies in White ended with about 40 women and 25 other
activists detained and taken to police stations or detention
centers. Mobs staged action against activists, markedly larger this
Sunday, which was denounced by the leader of this movement, Berta Soler.

For his part Jose Daniel Ferrer, leader of UNPACU, told the independent
press that the number of members of his organization who were arrested
“is around 138.” He also said that more than a hundred arrests took
place in Santiago de Cuba, a dozen at Guantanamo and the rest in Havana
and Las Tunas.

The raid on the home of Geordanis Muñoz, coordinator UNPACU in Palma
Soriano, was among the repressive actions reported during the
day. Despite the control, Ferrer reported that the activists managed to
deliver “leaflets, paint graffiti and distribute audiovisual materials
on freedom of expression and association.”

UNPACU activities are primarily directed to denounce the arrest of
Zaqueo Báez and Jordys M. Dosil, who have spent weeks in Havana criminal
center known as VIVAC. Ferrer explained that Baez’s wife has been
informed by the prison authorities that on Monday he will stand trial
for the alleged crime of “contempt.”

Source: UNPACU Reports More Than A Hundred Activists Arrested / 14ymedio
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