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More UNPACU Activists on Hunger Strike

More UNPACU Activists on Hunger Strike / 14ymedio

14ymedio, Havana, 18 July 2016 — The Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU)
reports at least twenty have been arrested in recent hours, after five
activists, on Monday, joined the hunger strike started six days ago by
the organization’s youth leader, Carlos Amel Oliva, to demand the return
of two laptops, a cellphone and a removable hard disc confiscated by the

“The repression has been tough. Some 16 activists were arrested in
Santiago de Cuba when they went to visit Oliva. The arrests were
violent,” one of the opposition group’s coordinators, Ovidio Martin
Castellanos, told 14ymedio. In addition to those arrested in the
provincial capital, nine other people were intercepted in other areas of
eastern Cuba, like Palmarito de Cauto, in the municipality of Mella.

Katherine Mojena Hernandez, wife of the youth leader and UNPACU member,
said that Oliva is physically weakened, “but with the same fortitude
with which he started the strike.” She added that the one who calls
himself “Official Bruno” personally told Carlos Amel that “you are going
to die of hunger” if he waits for his belongings to be returned.

Lazarus Curvelo Mejia, one of the Cubans who has been on hunger strike
for four days, said he was willing to support the demand of Carlos Amel
until the final consequences.

Among the five activists who have supported Oliva are two women, Zulma
Lopez and Joanne Quesada.

The activist Yasmany Magaña from the province of Santiago de Cuba also

UNPACU has denounced the increase in repressive actions against its
organization, which it attributes to its growing membership throughout
the island.

The group of hunger strikes, in addition to Oliva, includes Lazaro
Curbelo Mejias, who has been on strike since the 15th of this
month, Maikel Mediaceja Ramos, Zulma López Saldaña, Yoanna Quesada
Masabeaux and Yasmani Magañana Díaz who have spent between 24 and 48
hours without eating.

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