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Cuban Second National Conference Debates Principles of a “New Cuba”

Cuban Second National Conference Debates Principles of a “New Cuba” /
14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar

14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 12 August 2016 — The
Cuban 2nd National Conference is meeting this Friday in San Juan, Puerto
Rico, under the slogan “United we will be free,” with the presence of
nearly a hundred activists from the island and from exile.

The event seeks to “provide a space for reflection and dialogue among
the greatest possible number of opposition organizations” to discuss,
among other things, the principles of a “New Cuba.” Throughout the
meeting, which will run until noon on Monday, there will be a discussion
of the creation a structure of unity of action in diversity inside and
outside Cuba.

The organizers of the conclave have predicted, at the end of the
discussions, there will be proposals of candidates for the elective
positions of the resulting structure, and a vote. The members elected by
the new organization will inform the plenary regarding the work to be
carried out both within Cuba and from the exile.

The meeting has as its antecedent the one held last year, where a
nine-member Coordinating Committee was created, with five members from
the internal opposition and four from the exile. Their principal mission
has been to communicate the contents of the Declaration of San Juan and
coordinate the current meeting.

On the eve of the conference and during the first day of work, attendees
focused on ironing out differences and finding common ground in order to
achieve the democratization of Cuba. Creating a coalition or common
front among the opposition is the larger challenge ahead of the

The Cuban 2nd National Conference is taking place at a time of intense
debate among Cuban activists on the island, a situation reflected in the
departure of at least two of the most representative opposition groups
on the island – the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) and the United
Anti-totalitario Forum (FANTU) – from the Democratic Action Unity
Roundtable (MUAD).

A statement released this week by Boris Gonzalez, MUAD spokesperson,
sent a greeting to all the participants in the Second Conference, and
wished them “the greatest successes to achieve the democratization of
Cuba.” The document recognizes “all efforts in this direction.” This
opposition coalition is widely represented in the San Juan meeting.

Source: Cuban Second National Conference Debates Principles of a “New
Cuba” / 14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar – Translating Cuba –

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