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Ricardo Alarcon

Injustices of a Debate

Injustices of a Debate / 14ymedio Miriam Celaya 14ymedio, Miriam Celaya, Havana 10 August 2016 – The recent broadcast of a television program from Miami with Maria Elvira Salazar as moderator, where there was a heated debate between the well-known Cuban opposition leader, Jose Daniel Ferrer, and the also well-known Castro regime panderer, Edmundo Garcia […] Continue reading

Eliezer Avila Commits to a Green Party

Eliezer Avila Commits to a Green Party / Lilianne Ruiz
Posted on October 8, 2013

Cubanet interviewed Eliezer Avila, the computer scientist who once faced
Ricardo Alarcon, former president of the National Assembly. He moved to
the capital in order… Continue reading